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Circuit Saver Microwave Oven Testing Device.

Mr. Microwave
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"Stop wasting good fuses! And stop wasting time replacing good diodes!"

Mr. Microwave
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Circuit Saver
• 1 amp high-voltage substitution diode (12,000 volt)
• 15 amp substitution fuse/breaker
• Unique high-voltage warning and test indicator
• Troubleshooting timesaver
• High-voltage test leads
• Portable, compact design
• American-made
• Needs no battery
• Field-tested

The Circuit Saver provides the service technician with three time- and money-saving features.

First, it has a 15 amp resettable substitution circuit breaker which prevents the destruction of expensive ceramic fuses while testing the oven.

Second, it has a 1 amp, 12,000 volt, high-voltage substitution diode. It can prevent diode destruction, and quickly determines if any other high-voltage components are defective, such as a shorted magnetron.

Finally the Circuit Saver has a unique high-voltage warning indicator which indicates the presence of high voltages, and discharges the high-voltage capacitor once the oven is turned off.

The Circuit Saver comes with high-voltage test leads and requires no batteries.

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