New Web Engineer Coming Soon

We're happy to announce that we will soon add a new web-site engineer to our team of Geostar experts. We've worked with Steve on various projects for several months now – we like the way he works – and we're close to an agreement on how (and why) … [Read more]

Our Staff Is Different

The best things start with one person. Traditionally, the very best graphic design studios have been one- or two-person outfits. The best graphic designers work alone in their studios. The best illustrators work for themselves. The best … [Read more]

Geostar Web-Site Services

Count on Geostar. How high can you count? Up to ten? Up to a hundred thousand? Up to a million? Numbers are limitless, and so is the number of web-site designers out there. Sometimes it seems that there's a web-site designer sitting at every … [Read more]